Our story

Arunima, an erstwhile ardent data scientist and a food connoisseur has always been passionate about improving the lives of people first through her love for data science and later through her passion for food.

Urban consumers in India are going through a lifestyle transformation. Their needs and wants are evolving. Arunima's love for food led her to foray into this space and research more deeply about it. Her profound knowledge of this industry helped her cater to the urban consumer's diverse and ever changing lifestyle.

Super Urbans was born out of Arunima’s earnest desire to make food and lifestyle choices easier, better and elevated for the Urban Consumer.

Super Urbans is meant to resonate with the urban consumer who is innovative, practical, likes to stay fit, prefers convenience & also likes to be at the forefront of lifestyle trends.

We want to let you know, we are here, listening to you!